Thursday, June 11, 2009



prac has been up and down

it has only been 2 days but i have already seen/experienced heaps.

first day was awesome, had a good buddy nurse and she was nice n happy n bubbly and easy to talk to and explained something to me. i got to do some iv infusions ( mixing drugs and antibiotics in a little bag to hang up to be fed thru a small tube to the patient ), wound care, sub-cuts (mini injections) heaps of obs, some showering, helped a VR patient (vancomycin resistant enterococcus...a virus thats non curable stays with u and effects immunocompromised very young and very elderly people..some healthy pple can get it also....gets transfered to another person by contact with patient or equipment the patient uses..... can remain an unknown carrier)

uhm what else..... jst general caring, making some beds, showering, helping with patient care etc....
so yeh that day was good... pumped up for the next day...

"Next day -Thursday "

therefore = crap day

where i didnt learn/get taught nething, had to deal with nurse who was not really caring towards patients, didnt do her job properly and took shortcuts, rude to some other nurses...palming off the hardwork to me...while she just walked around and talked and had coffee while working...

yeh so wasnt such an awesome day but my other student nurse friend had an even worse time, where her nurse she was following was massively rude/non caring/ignoring my friend. geez....

newai the things i did were quiet......bad that i couldnt eat...
i had to do showers, which is fine but... this 1 doode was incontinent so had to clean his..... "discharge of bodily waste" from his ass and it was actualy on the bed also.. "whew" couldnt breath much.. and impossible to move... so gee thanks nurse for helping me.. NOT...even said shed get a towel for me but bluntly stuck her head in and said "sori i didnt bring a towel.. i forgot"... gosh! nurse was also swearing and rolling eyes wen the patient asked for some stuf...

this is exactly what puts me off nursing, some nurses who just comie to get paid, do as little as they can and then leave without caring about the patient or dealing with any problems

at least there was a good thing that happened today, where i got to see a vascular xray and i also built my relationship with some of my patients, talking to them and really offering anything i can do to make their life more comfortable in a hospital. which i believe is second to most important about being a nurse...., this 1 old lady actualy held my hand really tightly and said thank you soo much for just listening and talking to me....*tear

i hope i dont bcome an old/anoyying/stern/ non caring/non interested and plain bored nurse in the future. in a lighter note..

hopefuly 2moro brings a new day or learning and developing my nursing skills :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009


uhmm this is my new staff card for QUT... the staff chik actually laughed a bit before she gave it to me... shame...

Monday, April 27, 2009

being tru to my name


grass burn

fun times :P

gracie told me to blog ths D hehehe

dont wori is not my ass, its like the upper side of my theigh :P no shame man no shame
im gona try n get it fire red with like blood oozing out! thats my goal :D:D:D
im disapointed :(

Friday, April 17, 2009

yeh its the latest crazi... babies poppingout of everywhere!
im gona c rich's baby soon
im mega exited :D
obviously doesnt look like the 1 in the pic but im sr is gona b even cuter!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



today i was standing in the bus right, minding my own business, on my way to uni in the morning......lookin at the preety view outside the window.


i feel a poke in my like" WHAT THE FREAK WAS THAT " in my head

and i loooked down and noticed a knee.

i was like" oh mannnnnnnnnnnn grossoooooooo" "the person is prob thinking "eew grosso my knee poked a random butt"

then i thought " oh man, the person is prob way embarrased as me" " UNLESSSSS IT WAS SOME SEEDY SICKO OLD GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " THINKING.... oh yeh man, how awesome, my knee poked a chiks butt"

then i freaked outtttttttttttt

and then reminded myself that i didnt know if it was a chik of doode.

so i rather obliviousley....cracked a looked to my side....."


YEH was preety much sick in the bus all the way to my stop. neva been so uncomfortable in my LIFEEEEEEEEEE

what a crap start to the day....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Library

The Library is meant to be for people who need a quiet space to study, not where random azns can speak as much as they want and annoy the heck out of other people!!!!!!!!!!!!